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commissions are open

Terms + Ordering

  • for commissions you cannot pay in full up-front, i will request half up-front and half on completion.

  • i'll show you a rough sketch after your first payment. any changes that need significant redrawing that you request at the sketch stage will be free. i will send you progress shots as needed for your approval. if you need any major changes during the inking/coloring process, i reserve the right to charge extra if the changes take a significant amount of effort to perform.

  • i reserve the right to share finished commissions privately, on social media, and as samples for future commissions. please let me know if you're uncomfortable with a given piece being shared in any particular way and i can accomodate you. if the finished piece is something that i end up wanting to use in a commercial product, i'll ask you and we can make arrangements from there.

  • if you intend to use the commission for commercial purposes, to sell as merchandise or as promotion for a business, send an inquiry so that we can negotiate a commercial rate based on the scope of the project.

  • however, you will have the right to reproduce the finished art for non-commercial use, ie posting it on social media, sharing privately, or printing it for personal use in any manner that you won't profit from, as long as you credit me in a manner appropriate to the commission.

  • i reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason. if i decide i'm no longer comfortable working on your commission, i will tell you so we can discuss any alternative actions to take. if a refund is necessary, i'll refund up to 50% of any payments you have made towards the commission.

  • if something comes up that will keep you from paying or communicating with me in a timely manner, let me know as far ahead of time as possible so that we can make arrangements around that -- please don't hesitate to discuss any concerns with me!

go ahead:

  • ocs, fanart, and furries

  • real people and animals

  • shipping, couples, ot3s etc

ask about:

  • complex mechs, armor, large animals, and backgrounds

  • lewd and nsfw

  • more samples

don't request:

  • gore and violence

  • anything intended to intimidate, insult, or otherwise harm others

  • other illegal content

prices are estimates. additional charges may apply based on significant added complexity, like explicit nsfw, complex mechs and armor, or detailed backgrounds.
chibis are 75% of the price of the coloring style and size combo you request.
add 75% of the price for one additional character/subject in the picture. extra subjects and characters past that will be charged at the full rate for each.
if you're interested in something that's not already on this list, feel free to dm @ur.sinclair on insta or email me!

2-color and b/w 
misc.types and styles

emote and sticker samples
(personal work and previous commissions)

chat stickers